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Buddy Holly Eyeglasses
Early Vintage FAOSA advertizement
Original FAOSA Eyeglasses Sunglasses Ad
Original FAOSA Eyeglasses Advertisement Mexico
Original FAOSA Eyeglasses, 1950s
FAOSA Founder Jose Cuttler
and chief engineer Emilio Little
posing with a giant Zafiro..
circa 1950s, opening shop in
Letter from Dr. J. D. Armistead,
Buddy Holly's optician Re trip to
Mexico to find Buddy's iconic
FAOSAs in 1959 Fellini film
Posters drawn up by Ian Cuttler
The BuddyHolly Glasses recovered from the plane crash, on display at the Buddy Holly Center, Lubbock TX
Buddy's last frames on display at The
Buddy Holly Center, Lubbock TX
Juan Garcia Esquivel glasses photo
Album cover, Esquivel Eyeglasses Frames FAOSA
Album art for Esquivel retrospect
Vintage ads courtesy Cuttler Family
Original design drawings -
Cuttler family, 1960s
Vintage FAOSA Frames Eyeglasses Mexico
Frames on display, Hard Rock Cafe
Buddy Holly eyeglasses frames on display at Hard Rock Cafe
Original frames - Cuttler Family Collection
Jay Davis Armistead was Buddy Holly’s
optometrist, who prescribed for the rock ‘n’
roll icon the famous black-rimmed glasses.
Buddy and Waylon posing in a photo booth, 1954
Buddy and Waylon Jennings posing in their new
FAOSA frames from Mexico